This website is basically built to share my interest, Knowledge and Experience involved in building scale models.  Since childhood I loved playing with metals, tools, Mechanical toys, the best part was I used to open any new toy just to see how it was working. I really love to learn about machines, Mechanisms, Materials. Since my interest was inclined towards all these I chose to study in similar field and so studied in a polytechnic and later mechanical engineering.  Till date I have been collecting plenty of information's and videos about the same. So I felt I should share my activities to similar likeminded people who can also learn and use at least something from here for any of their projects or hobbies.

As I grew, My passion also grew for building various models, till this day I have enjoyed working with tools and metal. This gives me immense happiness and joy which I could not find in anything else.


Since I was so much interested in making and working with various projects I decided to help people who have the passion or requirement for such products. In 2019 Universal Scale Models was started to serve customers with their requirements of scale models.