Behind the Scenes

This website and the kind of work we are involved in is my hobbies actually scaled up , Since childhood i loved playing with metal , tools , screwdrivers , wrenches ,nuts , bolts etc, i was gifted a toy by my dad which consisted with all this inside it , I had spent most of the time making various objects out of this , As i grew my passion also grew for building various models , Till this day i have enjoyed working with tools and metal.

This gives me immense happiness and joy which i could not find elsewhere .

Since i was so much interested in making and working with various projects i decided to help people who have the requirement for such products .

In 2010, Universal Scale Models was started to provide customers with service that matches with their expectations. we would not only serve, but exceed, the needs of our loyal customers. Since day one, a genuine love and passion for building scale models and top-notch customer service has defined who we are and what we do.

Our dedication to our work is reflected through our great merchandise, carefully selected and sorted to make our customer's  experience enjoyable and satisfactory. Get in touch to learn more about Universal Scale Models.