Toy Airplane

Welcome to, We make scale models and Projects as per requirements of the customer , Find the list of Miniature scale models - Super Detailed fabricated models , Most of them are working models and we specialize in making these models as they are manufactured in real, for example we use the exact type of chassis, Track Frame on which an excavator swing is mounted , and i follow the similar method of fabrications too by learning the detailed manufacturing process of that object , Example if in real the plate is welded , I Use Soldering or Brazing for that in my scale model building , And if it is Fastened using bolt or rivet I use tiny screws and tiny rivets, My aim is to make a scale model to the most exact detail not just by its final exterior look but also employing the similar methods of manufacturing which would have been used in making a real product, My belief is that this is the best method to achieve the realistic detail in of the final model built, since the model has undergone the similar journey from raw material to a finished scale model as close to its real product. Explore and join us in this wonderful job, I would love to hear from people with similar interests .



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